Plexus Mining demo

This is a demonstration site for ChemAxon's Plexus Mining. For an introduction to the scope and features of this product, see this presentation.

Two sets of documents have been indexed using Plexus Mining. You can find below the description of these two sets. Each one links to the web interface that allows to search chemical structures in those documents and to visualize the documents themselves with chemical names annotated.

USPTO patents

This covers the patents published by the USPTO in the first week of 2012. There are 479 patents mentioning at least one chemical name. About 24 thousand names were found, for almost 10 thousand unique structures.

Try the patent set (Plexus Suite Demo) Try the patent set (Plexus Mining alone, login: demo/demo)

On the Plexus Suite Demo site, make sure to pick a Plexus Mining form.

Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry (BJOC)

This covers 152 recent articles from the Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, originally in PDF format. About 15 thousand names were found, for about 2700 unique structures.

Try the article set (login: demo/demo)

In a typical corporate setting, the metadata collected for each document can be customized and can include any information stored in the document repository (such as Documentum).